Sculptural Textiles


In 2019, I began to explore sculptural forms for the first time, often incorporating non-textile media into the work (some of which you can also see in the Plastic Waste project area).

Some of my sculptures have been created as collaborative projects with academic researchers. My most recent personal work deals with the symptoms of Aphantasia (an inability to visualise), particularly my experience of SDAM (severe deficient autobiographical memory), the result of being unable to revisit past events in my mind’s eye. This artwork expresses our human need for a back-story and prompts us to consider the role memories play in the maintenance of our sense of identity.


Expressing Jung’s theory of the personality (a research collaboration).
Wire; cotton; organza; cellophane; thread.
D56 x W56 x H76 cm
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A portrayal of 40 years of lost memories.
Fabric, plastic netting, thread.
D109 x W109 x H95 cm
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Yes, it’s Plastic, But… 2022

Examining the complex issues around plastic reuse (a research collaboration).
Scrim, cotton, wire, organza, plastic netting, wood, thread.
D80 x W160 x H90 cm
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Father, Brothers, Husband

About an Aphantasic’s inability to recall faces.
Plastic net, organza, thread.
D42 x W42 x H75 cm
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Forgotten Memories

Portraying autobiographical memory-loss.
Wire, waxed cotton, organza, thread.
D4 x W84 x H84 cm
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Seabed Twister

Wire; cotton fabric; organza; wool.
L30 x W26 x H17 cm
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Seabed Crawler

Hand-painted cotton; synthetic fabric; embroidery silks; wool; upcycled kitchen roll centre
L22 x W16 x H14 cm
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