Sculptural Textiles


Having worked in 2D all my life, in 2019, I began using my textiles to explore sculptural forms. Once I began, I couldn’t work fast enough to keep up with my ideas, so created small pieces at the start, which allowed me to more rapidly explore techniques. As I discovered methods and materials that felt right, the work began to evolve into larger pieces, most of which you can see in the Plastic Waste project area.

Seabed Twister

Wire; cotton fabric; organza; wool.
L34 x W27 x H16 cm
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Seabed Crawler

Hand-painted cotton; synthetic fabric; embroidery silks; wool; upcycled kitchen roll centre
L22 x W15 x H13 cm
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Thorned Twister

Paper; cotton thread; embroidery silks
L22 x W15 x H11 cm
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Translucent Chimney

Organza; wool; embroidery silks
H27.5 x W6.5 x D6.5 cm
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Green Fishnet Chimney 

Plastic net; organza; embroidery silks; wire
H37 x W8 x D8
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Pink Fishnet Chimney

Plastic net; embroidery silks; wire
H21 x W8 x D8 cm
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Grey Chimney

Woollen fabric; embroidery silks; wool
H26.5 x W6.5 x D6.5 cm
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Undersea Chimney

Greengrocers netting; wool; embroidery silks; wire.
H34 x W12 x D12
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