Plastic Waste


In 2019, I began stitching and binding waste plastic into sculptural forms to highlight issues around single-use products. I became interested in ‘locking’ plastics within my artwork when I learned about the drastic shortcomings of recycling. I began by incorporating water bottles and carrier bags, but was soon experimenting with a wide variety of items. Plastic is not an easy material to stitch, but I enjoy the challenge of bending it to my will and the playfulness involved in creating unexpected outcomes from over-familiar, often ugly materials, presenting them anew, enhanced by thread. 

Trying to Find Our Way 2019

Plastic bags; velour thread; cotton thread; wire.
2m x 80 cm
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Woe Betide Us 2019

Plastic bags; plastic bottles; embroidery silks; cotton thread.
4.m x 1.5m x 70cm
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Air Drawing 2019

Plastic bags; embroidery silks; cardboard waste packaging; wire.
114cm x 90cm x 42cm
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Art Hat 1

Plastic carrier-bags & vegetable sacks; wire; embroidery silks.
D35 x W35x H52 cm
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Art Hat no.2

Plastic carrier-bags / bottle tops / veg sacks; embroidery silks; wire.
D48 x W48 x H60 cm
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Sampa Laut (‘Sea Trash’)

Plastic carrier-bags; embroidery silks; plastic bottle
D24 x W24 x H28 cm
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An-enemy no 1 2019

Plastic carrier bags; embroidery silks; plastic bottle core.
30 x 30cm
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Tequila Sunrise 2019

Plastic bottle; tile spacers; organza; embroidery silks. 


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Plastic Vessel 2019

Plastic bottle; tetra-carton ring-pulls; wool.
H11 x W12 x D12 cm
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