My creative journey


I have been a professional artist for nearly 40 years. I was born in London, but now live and work in Sheffield. I have a degree in Printed Textiles from Middlesex University but, until 2017, worked as an illustrator. I have over 30 published picture books and 2 large public murals.

In 2015, a random opportunity sparked a new direction, working freelance with universities in the UK and Australia as a reportage-sketcher, painting and drawing ‘live’ alongside academic researchers. This initiated a journey away from illustration and into fine art. I began experimenting with textiles for the first time since graduation and became fascinated by the language of thread and fabric.

As my work has evolved, I have grown increasingly interested in sculptural forms and mixed-media work. The instinctive nature of my process has also led me back to painting and a new exploration of abstract mark-making in acrylics and drawing materials.

Collaborations & Residencies:


2024: Festival of the Mind – ‘Filling the Void: Biomaterials for Volume Restoration.’
3-month collaboration with a tissue engineer at University of Sheffield

2023: Festival of the Mind – ‘Yes it’s plastic But…’
3-month collaboration with language researchers at University of Sheffield

2022: Pint of Science – ‘#everythingsjustperfect’
2-month collaboration with social scientist at Nottingham University

2021: Pint of Science – ‘Individuation’
6-week collaboration with a psychologist at Nottingham University.

2020: Dementia, Gardens & Creativity
8-day residency with sociologists at York University.

2019: Medsoc
1-day residency at the European Cystic Fibrosis Society conference, Liverpool.

2018 / 2019: Pathways, Practices and Architectures
6-month residency with SATSU, York University.

2018: Workplace
2-months as Artist-in-Residence at the Centre for Transformative Work Design, University of Western Australia, Perth.

2017 / 2018: What is Knowledge?
4-week collaboration with philosopher Dr Phillip Nash, University of Sheffield.

2017: Urban Sketching into Textiles
1 month residency at Orchard Square, in collaboration with Sheffield Museums

2017: Dementia and Creativity
2-week residency with The Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives, University of Manchester.

2017: Sketcher-in-Residence
2-day residency at the UCU conference, Brighton.

2015 / 2016: Unfolding Stories
10-month Leverhulme Trust residency at The Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives, University of Manchester.

2015: Atmospheres Conference
2-day residency with The Morgan Centre for Research into Everyday Lives, University of Manchester.



Edgelands The Art Pavilion, East London
OPO Open Old Parcels Office, Scarborough

Stitch by Stitch Willow Gallery, Oswestry.
The Cooper Prize Cooper Gallery Barnsley
Ferens Open Ferens Gallery, Hull
Ruby The Art Room, Sheffield.
Ilkley Open The Manor House, Ilkley

Open Up Sheffield
Nether Edge, Sheffield.
Refresh Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield.
Pint of Science Online exhibition, Creative Reactions.
Still Online exhibition, Cultivate.
Open Fragment Online exhibition, Pragmata Collective.
The Sustainable Art of Plastics The Art House, Cleveland (USA).

Meet the Locals
Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield.
Kindness Online exhibition, King St Gallery.
The Creative Materiality Online exhibition, Haus-a-Rest.
(And With Good) Reason Online exhibition, Cultivate.

Gaia Gallery 35 / Makers on the Edge, Sheffield.
Workplace Organisational Psychology conference, Turin.
Material Matters The Art Room, Barlow / Dronfield Barn, Sheffield.

Workplace University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.
Unbound Gage Gallery, Sheffield.
Rebel Daughters The Point, Doncaster.

Unique Beauty Cupola Gallery, Sheffield.
Urban Sketching into Textiles Orchard Square, Sheffield.

Unfolding Stories Z-Arts, Manchester.



2016: Author / Illustrator, ‘Sketching People, an Urban Sketcher’s Guide’ (Search Press / Barrons).

2018: Heath, S and Chapman, L. ‘Observational sketching as method’, International Journal of Social Research Methodology, published in online first format in July 2018.


Other websites: